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About Us

LAMATEX  company  was  founded  in  2002.
We  are  involved  in  import  and  we  carry  out  wholesale  and  retail  sale  of 
worsted  fabrics  in  different  material  compositions  such  as:  wool, wool/lycra, wool/polyester, wool/polyester/lycra, polyester/rayon.
These  are: 

  • fabrics  for  mensuits, jackets and trousers,
  • fabrics  for  men and women  full-dress  uniforms,
  • fabrics  for  gowns, cassocks and albs.

Fabrics for men  suits, jackets and trousers are designed  for  formal  clothes  including  ceremonials  and  informal  clothes  for  men.

Fabrics  for  men  and  women  full-dress  uniforms  in  gabardine  and   tropical   are designed  for  clothes  for : hunters, foresters, police, customs officers, fire brigades, security services, public  transport services, hotel services and orchestras.
Fabrics for gowns are designed for lawyersjudges  and  university professors, cassocks for priests and nuns, and albs  for   Holy  Communion  clothes  for children.

Our  customers  are  both wholesale customers, that  are:  companies and clothing  factories  and  tailor  factories  and  individual customers  as  well.

To  all those  who  are   interested   in our offer, we  prepare  and  send  fabric samples  with  description.
We invite You to get  familiar with our offer.